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United Kingdom

Jing Xiu Tang UK

My Taiji journey began in 1998 in Southampton, UK. In 2003 I moved to Shanghai, and while I was living there, I started learning Wu style Taijiquan from Master Zhou Zhongfu. I studied intensively with him until I left Shanghai in 2006. In 2011, I finally made the step to teaching, and thus Jing Xiu Tang UK was born.

I currently teach in the West Midlands area of the UK, with classes in Coventry and Stourbridge. If you would like more information about my classes, please visit my personal website at:

You can also contact me via:
mobile: 07773159317


Jing Xiu Tang UK members with Master Zhou Zhongfu in Genoa, Italy 2015.

Jing Xiu Tang UK members with members from Greece at the Genoa International Seminar 2015.

Genoa Seminar 2015 photographs courtesy of Cartwright Photography (